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What is BGT?

BGT is our physical gold-backed token. 1 BGT = 0.1g London Bullion Market Association certified gold. All physical gold are stored in our partner vaults in Singapore, Zug (Switzerland), and Hong kong. Audits on our gold reserve is done 4x year, and published on bavala.com.

Is BGT real gold?

Each BGT is backed by exactly 0.1gram LBMA certified gold stored in our partner vaults. We believe BGT is natural evolution of owning physical assets represented by cryptocurrencies.

Can I swap BGT for other cryptocurrencies?

Yes. Upon full launch of BISX in Q4 2020, BGT can be swapped to BVA, BVAC, BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, BCH, and NEO.

Is BGT publicly audited?

Yes, BGT will be publicly audited 4x year. The audit is conducted by an independent audit firm, and the findings will be published in full on bavala.com.


What is BVA?

BVA is our staking rewards token. By purchasing BVA, you are directly purchasing a stake on bavala.com itself. All proceeds on bavala.com is channeled to a Dividend pot, claimable by BVA holders 4x a year.
What can I do with BVA?

Stake for rewards. Swap with other cryptocurrencies. Vote for future product listings on bavala.com. Transfer to anyone who has an Ethereum wallet.

What is Staking Rewards?

A portion of all proceeds generated on bavala.com is channeled to Staking Rewards. The accumulated value in the Staking Rewards can only be redeemed by BVA holders who has ‘staked’ or locked their BVA in the pot.


What is Bavala?

Bavala is an asset-backed instant swap exchange that allows anyone with access to the internet to swap between cryptocurrencies, stake for quarterly rewards, and purchase physical gold.

What can I do on Bavala.com?

(i) Instant Swap: Between BVA, BGT, BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, (ii) Earn Rewards: BVA holders may stake their BVA and receive interest from all product offerings on Bavala.com

(iii) Purchase instant gold: By purchasing BGT, users are directly purchasing physical LBMA gold stored in our partner vaults.

(iv) Apply for and manage your Bavala Debit Card powered by BFN (2020)

What stage is Bavala in right now?

We are currently conducting our Private Sale. ITO will begin on July 1st 2019.

In what way is Bavala transparent?

  • Our physical LBMA gold reserve is audited 4x a year by an independent auditor. This is to ensure BGT holders are aware of exactly how many BGT is in circulation.
  • Bavala’s proceeds are channeled directly to a dividend pot, that is exclusively claimable by BVA holder only. The calculations of proceeds going into the Staking Rewards is open to all.


What is an ITO?

ITO, similarly to an IPO is a tool which allows companies to raise funds for the purpose of completing a project. ITO investors are entitled to certain benefits and/or interest in a project in turn.

When is Bavala’s ITO?

Bavala’s ITO is running from 1st March through 31st August 2019. BVA is the token being sold for the ITO.